Most people think fashion is all about trends. Well, that is partly true because designers create their masterpieces while keeping in mind their relevance in the present time. But some people forget that fashion is also about being unique and true to your identity as a designer. And, as a simple fashion designer, you need to have a business card that will perfectly represent you and your fashion sense.

Your business card is a representation of who you are as a fashion designer. As we have repeatedly said, your business card is a representation of yourself as a designer. Make it as impressive and visually pleasing as possible because being a designer is all about that—creating an impact that would leave people in awe. Once they get a hold of your business card, they will get more curious about who you are and what you are capable of as a fashion designer. So, dress your business card to impress!

If you’re going for something equally fashionable but with a bit more decorative flair, there’s a web Fashion Business Card Template with a variety of styles, which can also be used for any other occupation. Modern and clean, it puts on display the designer’s eye for color and harmonious composition.

Artsy and Business Card for Fashion

Available Sizes:  2" x  3.5"

Resolution: 300dpi

Print Ready

Font: file included in the pack

Version: Min Adobe Photoshop CS6 

Available Format: PSD, EPS, Tiff, JPEG

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